"on the front porch"

“on the front porch”

Watercolor and gouache paintings 8″ x 8″, done in November this year.  Working on a series of the flowers I saw out and about this fall.  I did quick reference watercolors on site and took some photos. This is the cactus flower from the front porch.

The light-colored fuchsia flower we saw at the Red Butte Garden and Arboretum in one of the hanging baskets.  Red Butte is on the side of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City.  It’s a non-profit garden with all types of gardens.  They have water conservation ideas and a low water use demonstration gardens.  Every time I’ve been there, they also have a fantastic art exhibit on the upper level of the admin building.  Great place to spend the day.

"fuschsia at Red Butte"

“fuschsia at Red Butte”

Will post more paintings as I go.