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idea title01

The Museum for Youth that has been in downtown Mesa for years is re-inventing itself and changing its name.   They did this great little postcard that’s kind of stereo-vision….tilt it one way and it’s the old/existing AMY name…tilt it slightly the other way, and it’s the new “idea MUSEUM”.  When you see the name from either direction, you can still see a shadow of the other name slightly in the background.  It’s a very apt postcard for the transition they are undertaking.

The museum has been a fabulous place for kids of all ages to come and see really good and interesting art covering a variety of subjects.  They provide classes, demonstrations and special events.  It’s a great environment for exploring and learning…..and now it will be even better.

The museum wants to build on their established foundation as a great place for art and add to it science, imagination, and design.  Visit their website and stay tuned as they go on this journey of re-invention!


rabbit on fire, two ears

…working on some clay rabbit pendants. They grew out of my prints and paintings. I just felt like getting my hands back in clay a bit lately and working some three-dimensional pieces. Red ears = “on fire”….goes with some specific prints I’m working on. These guys range from 1/2″ to 1.5” tall. I had just finished painting and sealing these two rabbits today when a friend stopped by with a belated Christmas gift…it was an eight inch tall clay rabbit playing a horn wrapped around its head – too funny, must be in the air.


rabbit on fire, one ear

Looking forward to Art in the Garden at Shemer Art Center in Phoenix coming up in mid-March!