This is the clay rabbit that is part of the table for the ChairiTable coming up on Friday, March 15th at the Chandler Center for the Arts.  The funds raised by the event are for visual and performing arts education. Please check out this link for more information.

The inspiration for the piece is desert life.  Spending so much time in cars and even driving out to go somewhere and hike, a lot of our view of the desert is just fleeting impressions.  The name of the piece is “Desert Impressions”.

When I first saw this picture it reminded me of dinosaurs.  I like that he looks like the hunter and not the hunted.  You wouldn’t want to meet this jack rabbit in a dark alley.


The rabbit is made of clay, not fired, and sealed with an acrylic coating.  He was built by first constructing a wire mesh structure and then building the clay onto the sub-structure a layer at a time.  After drying completely, it’s sprayed with an acrylic coating.


         tablerabbside         tableagaveside

The table is painted with acrylic paints and pencils.  The entire table is sealed with multiple layers of acrylic coatings.  The top of the table is shown below.  This was an enjoyable project and well worth the time!  Hope to see you there.